Britain’s Got Talent (….Have You?)

This weekend saw the final of the TV show Britain’s Got Talent another one of Simon Cowell’s talent shows.

Yes, I know what many of you are thinking – ‘yet another example of low budget, tacky television.’
I agree, there are some really bad reality TV / talent shows around  (I mean that ‘Grease Is The Word’ thing was awful).


But I must admit, I do like Britain’s Got Talent compared to most of the other so called ‘talent shows.’


Well, apart from the sheer variety of the acts (everything from singers, comedians and hip hop dancers to football jugglers and very weird magicians), the show gives regular people the chance to become stars and realise their dreams. Which I suppose gives me the same feel good factor we all get when cheering on the underdog in a major sporting event. It’s good to see the small guy win isn’t it?

But I’m also drawn to the show because it provides people who have hidden talents with a stage (literally) on which to do the thing they are truly talented at – the thing which they love doing. Admittedly, in the earlier rounds of the show there are a lot of very poor acts which provide nothing more than comedy value for the judges and audience alike.

But towards the latter stages there are some very good acts. Individuals with talents few people outside their homes or local clubs had witnessed.

The perfect example of this is Paul Potts, the opera singing winner of Britain’s Got Talent from 2007. 12 months ago he was just an average guy working in a mobile phone shop. Today he is a professional opera singer. Just glancing at his website, I see that he is currently touring Australia and Asia as part of his world tour – he has done well.


The show gave him a ‘leg up’ in terms of opportunity, exposure and no doubt access to the best singing coaches around.  

But he would not be touring the world singing to packed audiences if it were not for his raw talent.

Simon Cowell and the show gave Paul the opportunity to showcase what he was great at and, as dramatic as it sounds, do what he was put on earth to do – sing and entertain people.

What’s all this got to do with you?

Well I think there are lots of Paul Potts working in the financial services sector (and no, I don’t mean a whole bunch of mobile phone sales people!).

Regular people who in the traditional sense are very successful – great job title, great salary, good bonus, strong CV / resume. But dig a little deeper beneath the surface and you will find that they not very satisfied at all. Despite looking successful externally, internally they often wander “what am I doing?” or “is this what I worked this hard for?”

Very often the reason for this is that their jobs and careers fail to tap into their natural talent. Or maybe they have talents away from work, but their career sucks all the time and energy out of them – they spend their whole life selling mobile phones (which they have little interest in) instead of singing opera (the thing they love to do).

So let me ask you some questions:-

Have you got talent? Does your job or career fully utilise it? What do you really want to do..? When do you plan to start doing it…?

As Paul’s album cover states, we only get “One Chance…..

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