Mountains, Valleys And Tsunamis

“Life is a series of mountains, valleys and missiles”

This is a lesson I learned from my first Business Coach, Chris Barrow

To paraphrase Chris:

Mountains: Are the moments when we feel on top of the world.  When everything is going really well.

- When things are good, the key is to enjoy and appreciate the things that are going well instead of obsessing about all the things that aren’t quite yet perfect.

Valleys: Are the moments when we hit a low point (whether personally, professionally or financially).

- When you hit those moments you simply have to dig in. To keep on going. To learn the lessons you need to learn and have faith that things will turn around.

Missiles: Are those moments when we get knocked off our feet by a ‘missile’ that rocks our world. It could be an illness, the death of a loved one, divorce, redundancy or bankruptcy.

- As angry as you may feel, unfortunately you just have to accept such events as part of the tapestry of life. And understand that, with time and help from others, you will move on.

Looking at the tragic events in Japan, it’s clear that the Japanese people have been knocked off their feet. The Tsunami has been the ‘missile’ that’s hit them out of the blue and rocked their world.

But the Japanese will bounce back and return to the mountain. It won’t happen overnight – but with time and help, they’ll get there.

And so too will you. Whether you’re in the valley or have been hit by you’re own version of the missile/tsunami.

Because life is a series of mountains, valleys and missiles….

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